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Our Fish Mounts

We offer a large selection of fishmounts in different sizes. We can create a mount from any fish imaginable. If you do not find your particular fish on this website, do not hesitate to call us at (877) 875-3474 to discuss your options. We will make every effort possible to create your custom fishmount.

Freshwater Fish | Saltwater Fish



Please note that the product images you see through out this site are for illustrative purposes only and slight variations occur depending on individual customization.

Our fishmounts are custom made by different craftsmen and artists and even if they all share the same goal which is to create a life like trophy fish, they all have their own individual variation and style. Therefore you may find the same general action pose slighly differ from another.


driftwood bass
Driftwood Bass

peacock bass
Peacock Bass
yellowfin grouper
Yellow fin Grouper