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Atlantic Sailfish

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Product Description

Our Atlantic Sailfish Mounts are incredibly life like. They are painted with a unique color scheme that make them look like the fish just pulled out of the water. Our Atlantic Sailfish mounts are built to last and will make an impression that will last a lifetime.  

General Information of the Species

Atlantic Sailfish occur in tropical and subtropical waters near land masses, usually in depths of over 100 feet, but occasionally are caught from ocean piers close to shore.  Pelagic and migratory, sailfish usually travel alone or in small groups.  Its outstanding feature is the high first dorsal fin which is cobalt blue with a scattering of round dark spots.  Its fighting ability and spectacular aerial aerobatics endear the sailfish to the saltwater angler.  It becomes exhausted quickly and therefore sailfish are considered a light-tackle species. 

Conservation. Sailfish are released alive by sportsmen and charter captains alike.  Recently, populations in south Florida, "The Sailfish Capital of the World", have started to once again grow.  It is not uncommon for anglers to experience multiple strikes and even release up to 6 or 8 sailfish in one day of offshore fishing.  At Global Fishmounts mounting purposes, nearly 100 percent of ALL sailfish mounts are "release mounts", meaning produced without using the actual fish or any parts thereof.    

What is the difference between the Atlantic vs. Pacific Sailfish? Atlantic Sailfish are commonly smaller than the Pacific Sailfish.  Even though both have bright blue dorsal fins, they are slightly different in coloration. In most cases we use lighter colors on the Atlantic Sailfish, including the shades and variations on the dorsal fin. 

On the vertical stripes that run along side of the body we use more of a powder blue color and apply light shades of bronze to the mid section that fade into the silver and white colors further below.  The gill cover (operculum) is often more bronze while the upper back remains bright and translucent blue and turquoise.

Customer Service

If you have any questions, just call us at (877) 875-3474 and we will gladly assist you.

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