Global Fish Mounts builds authentic fish mounts with incredible detail and quality for the best prices in the industry. All fresh water and saltwater fish species available. 

Call 954-942-1417 to order your custom fish mount today. 

We offer endless customization options

We provide the easiest and fastest way to find your quality fish mount. We can build and recreate any freshwater or saltwater fish imaginable. Sharks, Bill fish, in-shore or off-shore species, we do it all. 

In order to create a 100% life-like fish mount and to capture every detail from each unique species, all molds have been made from actual fish. The definition and texture our artists are able to recreate are truly exceptional. Just call us to discuss your trophy.

Discounts on multi fish orders available. If you need specific species or product information, or if you don't find the size or type of fish that you are looking for, just let us know, we are here to help. A custom trophy mount is also a great gift idea. Decorate your room or office or simply start your private collection today. Remember, you do not have to catch a fish to mount one. Let us know what your desired species or browse our website to order direct. Your mount will be created by world-class craftsmen and delivered straight to your door. It's that easy

Call 954-942-1417  or email [email protected] or email for any inquiry today.