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Custom Creations - Your imagination, our creation

Our specialty items offers endless possibilities for your fishmount or trophy options. Feel free to request a quote on any marine species imaginable. Our creative team is here to fulfill your imagination and to craft a trophy mount that represents your ultimate trophy. Whether you are looking for a unique wall mount or a custom base mount we will handcraft a scene that is one of a kind.

For information or to order, simply call (954) 942-1417 or email us at [email protected].

Please note that any fish species can be ordered with a custom base or personal customization.

Snook mounted on Driftwood

Dolphinfish (Dorado/Mahi) on custom ocean base

Redfish/Red Drum mounted on driftwood and sand setting

Largemouth Bass on driftwood

Double sided African Pompano fishmount mounted on an ocean floor base

Lionfish on a coral base mount

Mutton Snapper on driftwood and ocean sand bottom base.

Peackock Bass mounted on driftwood and river rock base

Queen Triggefish mounted on an ocean sand bottom base.

Redfish on driftwood Redfish on driftwood
Redfish on driftwood and sand base
Sierra Mackerel on sand base Sierra Mackerall on sandbase
Yellowtail Snapper on coral base