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Q: Are there any additional shipping and crating charges added to an order?

: A Crating and Shipping Charge is added depending on destination and size of the fishmount.

Crating and Shipping is an essential part of the service to ensure your trophy fish will arrive in perfect and exactly the same condition it left our facility. Each fish mount is suspended in a durable wooden crate that will protect the mount from all angles.

Smaller fish travel in boxes made of 400 lbs test cardboard which proves to be the strongest and lightest material. For larger fish we build a 1 X 4 wooded frame around your trophy fish mount and then the entire crate is wrapped with cardboard. Your fish mount is now ready for shipping.

All of our trophy mounts are shipped 100% insured on trustworthy freight carriers to provide you with peace-of-mind and safe passage to its final destination - your home or office, preserving your memory of a lifetime.

Q: Can or should I send a photograph of my fish?

A: If a photo is provided, our artists can look for details and special characteristics of each particular fish. They will look for a break in the common pattern and any spots or markings that are unusual will be incorporated into your trophy. Our taxidermy artists are very talented and detail oriented resulting in a very life-like trophy fish mount. However to assist them in the process and to ensure that the final result includes everything that you may have spotted. Send us a note along with your photo and the assigned artist will ensure every detail is reproduced.

Q: How are the fish mounts hung to the wall?

A: Each fish mount comes pre installed with a strong custom hanger. In the finishing process, each mount is balanced and sized to determine the proper hanger. For locations where wind or theft might be a concern, a special locking bracket can be requested and installed.

Q: How long will it take to create my fish trophy mount?

A: The average production time is 30 to 45 days. If there are alterations that need to be made per your request additional time may be needed. EXPEDITE SERVICE is available on most mounts. Each task requires precision workmanship and must pass inspection before moving on to the next process as well as final inspection. We can ensure you that we do not sacrifice quality or craftsmanship for turnaround time. Please contact the office if your mount is needed on a specific date and we will do everything in our power to accommodate you. Please note that each mount is custom made to your specifications and therefore we cannot honor cancellations after 24 hours of placing the order. We will do everything we can to make sure that you are a happy and return customer.

Q: Can my fish mount be shipped?

A: Yes - We can ship your mount anywhere you like. Matter-of-fact we take great pride and special care of the delivery of your mount. Our crate and shipping staff have built customized crates for customers from all around our globe. To us your mount is a piece of art and therefore treated as such. Each shipment is also fully insured, in case something unforeseen would happen during the delivery.

Q: What material are the fish mounts made out of?

A: Our mounts are produced out of multiple layers of fiberglass and are surprisingly light in relation to their size.

Q: Is every fishmount custom made?

A: Yes - Each order is processed individually and with the greatest attention to detail. Each mount is handcrafted to give you a personalized product and lasting memory of your catch. A real fish has been used to create our molds. Based on the length, weight and type of your particular fish, we then select a matching mold which is then custom painted to be an exact replica of your specific catch and trophy fish will resemble your fish to the smallest of details.

Q: What do you need in order to produce a trophy mount of an actual fish?

A: All we need is the TYPE, LENGTH and/or WEIGHT of your fish but in many cases the length enough information for us to create the reproduction. Even though a photograph can help our artists, they are optional. In addition, we like to know the location of where you caught the fish as in some cases special characteristics may be common for a fish from a certain region.

Q: Why is there a visible line the length of the fish that looks like a seam on the front of my mount?

A: Every fish has what is called a lateral line and our molding process will ensure it will be picked up to be visible on our modles. The lateral line connect to the brain of the fish and it is a sense organ in aquatic organisms (mainly fish). They are used to detect movement and vibration in the surrounding water. Lateral lines are in most cases visible as faint lines running lengthwise down each side from head to tail.

Q: What material are the eyes made of?

A: We use glass to reproduce the eyes.

Q: What material are the teeth or jaws made out of?

A: We use dental acrylic (the same as dentists use on humans) to create the jaw or teeth. In case a customer request to use the real teeth we can do so, given they were harvested properly.

Q: Do you use the real teeth from the fish?

A: If a customer request to use the real teeth or jaw, and given that the fish was harvested properly without damaging the teeth or jaw, we will do so. Alternatively we will use regular dental acrylic to create a fitting jaw or set of teeth.

Q: From where does Taxidermy originate?

A: The word "Taxidermy" is derived from two ancient Greek words "taxis" which means movement; and "derma", meaning skin. Which loosely translates to "movement of skin"

Today Taxidermy is a general term describing the various methods of reproducing a life-like and life-size, three-dimensional representation of an animal, that can be mounted for permanent display.

Q: Do you use the real fish to make the mount?

A: Notable for marine taxidermy is the fact that normally the finished trophy fish mounts do not contain any parts of the fish itself (besides in some cases the teeth or jaw). Instead they are re-created from man-made materials. This is an ideal solution for catch-and-release anglers, who can release their game fish unharmed, yet still have a life-sized trophy to hang in their home, cabin or office wall.

Q: Can you customize the mount so it can be displayed other than on a wall?

A: Yes we can accommodate and recommend various mounting options.

Q: In addition to marine taxidermy, do you also produce animal taxidermy, such as deer or moose?

A: We only handle marine taxidermy in-house. However we may be able to recommend other vendors if needed depending on the animal.

Q: Can I hang my fishmount outdoors?

A: Yes - Your mount will be handcrafted from materials that are resistant from the usual wear and tear from outdoor exposure such as sunlight, wind, rain, snow, etc. However we do recommend an optional coating of our protective clear coat for mounts that will be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

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